Botannis is one of the industry’s foremost experts in providing comprehensive testing and quality assurance. Botannis offers the industry’s highest level of expertise, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and quality procedures. We are proud to partner with our clients to efficiently and cost-effectively meet and exceed the increasingly rigid and ever-changing requirements of quality and safety.

Routine testing for the following:

Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics & Dietary Supplements
  • Method development, validation, and routine analysis of pharmaceutical products and their impurities using HPLC-PDA, LC-MS and GC-MS as per USP guidelines
  • Elemental impurities as per USP guidelines
  • Total Organic Carbon using TOC Analyzer
  • Water activity using Water Activity Meter
  • Microbiological contaminants
  • Nitrosamine impurities testing
NYS Office of Cannabis Management
  • Cannabinoid Profile using HPLC-PDA
  • Heavy metals using ICP-MS
  • Mycotoxins using LC-MS
  • Moisture Content using Moisture Analyzer
  • Filth and Foreign Material (Visual using Microscope)
  • Terpenes and Terpenoids using GC-MS
NYS Department of Agriculture
  • Analysis of Hemp products